FlexiFitness Magic – Part 2

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We have a great team of people/runners at FlexiFitness.

This year my goal is very clear – to re-attempt the Standard Chartered marathons in Singapore and Hong Kong. Singapore is home court whereas Hong Kong is my home town. Being able to perform at home is important. While I have been on my running journey this year, I had the opportunity to enter a few other races with our team.

img_5282At the Asia Masters Athletics Championships in Singapore, I met Cheng Hin. Hin is not just another runner but he is a champion runner and is the generous soul who eventually helped me to sign back into my former Hong Kong track club – Concord Athletic Club (CAC).

Hin was trained by one of the earlier presidents of the CAC, CK Liu, who was a capable Decathlete in Hong Kong in the 1980s. I was invited to join the CAC back in 1984 after the Hong Kong School Sport Association’s Interschool Athletic meet. The CAC was the number 1 track club in Hong Kong then and the CAC had the fastest male and female sprinters and distance runners. However, that was the time when I was in the middle of my High School Matriculation. I ended up spending about 99.9% of my time on academic rather than running pursuits.

Life is interesting, after over three decades, I am back with the same club!!! With a Hong Kong track club membership, I am enroute to the Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon without the distraction of balloting for that ever increasingly popular event.  A big THANKS to Hin.


Some of my FlexiFitness teammates and I ran the Asics City Relay on September 24, 2016. We fielded two lovely teams – a younger team of 4 teens averaging approximately 15 years of age running in the 21km open category and a big boys team running in the 42.195k category. Each of us ran a quarter of the overall distance.

The teens outran all the other men and came in first in the 21km category. Great job Ruben, Yoga, Try and Darren!

I ran the first leg of the marathon distance category. It was coincidental that my family had a prior engagement right after my run (and that schedule worked out well). Surprise, surprise, I missed out an important turn while running my head off at the 5th position after 6km. Sadly, that got my team of fast-legged big boys eventually disqualified (DQ)…

My fellow teammates were absolutely good sports, even though they knew we were going to be DQ, they kept going for another 2 hours! They finished the race handsomely (even though we were eventually DQ but we were unofficially in 4th place based on timing)! I am totally grateful but certainly very embarrassed by it. Great job Nic, Andreas and Evan!

Remember that I mentioned that my family had a prior appointment on the day of the relay? We quickly sneaked off to see Casey & Tristan’s cute newborn baby gal (and boys). Upon returning to the National Stadium, we witnessed the prize presentation late in the evening. It was overwhelming to see the level of support from our team who were not there to run! I believe our coaches (Rameshon and Saravanan) and the team were happy even though the results could be better…

After such a long day, my big gals, Alisa (and Moon) volunteered to wake up the first thing the next morning and went for their morning exercise. (Hana had to sleep in, which I understood very well because I needed that dearly too…)

IMHO, all these should be simply call: FlexiFitness Magic!


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