Reflections on 24 Years

yee sang lo hei chinese new yearLast night I attended an annual general meeting and a Chinese New Year celebration with a group of friends in Singapore. Our group had a turnout of close to 40 people. Not bad for a gathering of super busy people. The good thing is that this group of friends all had a great life story of their own to tell. I am grateful that my family has a chance to meet them on a semi-regular basis.

I am never really a travelling kind of person and the only reason I travel will be to either work or to see friends and family. Somehow having visual images of foreign places on my retina does not really excite me. It is just how my head is wired (or rather, weird) 🙂 !

On the other hand, I am more excited getting to know the people at the places where I visit. Each person carries an exciting story of his or her own, and a chance to see and hear their stories is certainly priceless to me. These are the moments that I feel rich beyond imagination.

Over the years, I have met numerous people face to face – that is the lucky part of my job. As a result of this, I have gotten to know many of my patients over a long period of time too. I learn something from each and every one of them even though I would not say I could mimic what they have done in their life.

Recently, I quietly celebrated my 24th anniversary of clinical practice and work. Close to a quarter century of time is not a short time indeed. It is also the exact same amount of time that I have spent away from Hong Kong.

I have seen how time has changed people and places. It will be exciting to see how things will be shaped with the passage of time in the future…

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