A Productive Month

baby wedding awardThe last few weeks constituted a great month! A great productive month.

My two colleagues, fellow prosthodontist, Dr Steven Soo, and our nurse, Siti Aminah, at Specialist Dental Group (SDG) welcomed the addition of two cute baby girls to their respective families. I am certainly proud of them. This is another proof that we are pro-creation!

Not only are we pro-creation, we are also pro-family-formation. Another colleague, nurse Izanne, decided to marry her ex-boyfriend (now husband) and be the boss of her new family. This certainly was a smart move and I am sure it wasn’t the result of a moment of weakness per se! I am sure that under her leadership and cooperation with her ex-boyfriend, they will be very productive too. Let us wish her (and him) all the best.

On March 6, 2014, the SDG team was woken up in the middle of the night with some exiting news! We were overjoyed when we were informed that we were the winner of the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ)’s Award for “Best Medical Travel Website”. The IMTJ panel of expert judges found the online access to our clinic was outstanding from their point of view. The IMTJ Awards were held in Dubai and we are truly grateful to be honored with the award. This made all the hard work of the SDG team worthwhile.

A special thanks to our ad-hoc Dubai representative, Marcus, a good friend from Canada and SDG patient, for agreeing to attend the IMTJ Awards ceremony on our behalf. Marcus is based in Dubai and he sportingly agreed to get all dressed up and go on the stage to receive the award on behalf of our team in Singapore. I am sure the judges gave us extra points for his involvement.

If this is not a productive month, what should we call it? 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Productive Month

  1. I’m very happy for SDG. It was an honour to accept an award on behalf of your outstanding organisation. (The wide-range of hors d’ oeuvres and ‘beverages’ at the awards ceremony were pretty good too!)

    Keep up the outstanding work!

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