Family Dreams

parenting successful taxi driverAs a small boy, my family taught me that rationality and sensibility are important in life. These principles are why my family behaves the way that we do. People who know me know that I do not drive in Singapore due to affordability issues – another reason I always give is that the accident rate in Singapore may go up dramatically if and when I start to drive on the road.

I take taxis to work from time to time and over the years and after more than a few hundred taxi rides, I can say the taxi service in Singapore is great. I have also had the luck of running into many good taxi drivers. I remember one time, an older driver uncle preached to me about his religious belief and how he lives his church life.  That was memorable.

This morning, due to some minor accident at home, I was hobbling across the road.  I was hoping to get a ride fast and in no time I hopped onto a taxi – lucky me.  Before I said a word, the driver told me that he would take me to my work place for the last 10 years, Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Then I realized that I had run into the same person, Mr Vijay, for the third time. This is like deja vu because years ago when he picked me up for the second time at about the same spot, he did the same thing, which was to auto-pilot me to my work place.

Mr. Vijay asked about my family, updated me about his family etc. His elder son graduated with first class honors from the university and is working in the investment field. His second son is training to be a cardiologist and his daughter is working for DBS bank. Both sons are married and he is looking forward to see a son-in-law.  If this is not a successful Singapore dream, then what is it? The realization of a successful parenting dream 🙂

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