EuroCup 2016: Iceland surprised England

iceland_stuns_england_in_historic_upset_to_advance_to_euro_cup_quarterfinals_m13It has been a very interesting few days.

The people of the island/country that once colonized all time zones of this world finally made up their minds and spoke out through their Brexit vote that they want to leave the European Union (EU)! They believe they would do better without being in the EU.

England, although a relatively tiny place, once ruled the world. The fact that this blog is written in English is part of the result of that important history.

Singapore and Hong Kong, like many places, were once British colonies. Many Hong Kong people in 2016 still think that it was a good time when Hong Kong was under colonial authority. Some Hong Kong people, even after 1997, wanted to remain as before, and some even proposed independence of Hong Kong to form a sovereign country as it was not totally smooth sailing to reunite with China thus far. Nothing is perfect for sure. Well, history will reveal itself as it is being made.

Iceland is a smaller country, with a population of about 330,000 living in a land mass of about 100,000 sq km in size. Iceland took on the English football team in the 2016 EuroCup and defeated a country with population that is over 160 times its size!

I would refrain from citing Aesop’s fable… In about 600 BC one of Aesop’s fables about the Vixen and the Lioness mentioned – quality comes before quantity… However, Iceland achieved something similar to David defeating Goliath! Well, if someone defeats a giant like David, it is hard not to call him the King!!

Quality or quantity aside, the Iceland team was made up of a few semi-professional players while the English team was all professional football players. How could this victory be explained rationally? Luck? Bad luck?

Well, hang on… The Iceland team manager has a part time job… drum roll… he is a dentist!!

I have nothing to add 🙂

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