One Up on the World

2016-08-25 susu graduationThe 2016 Rio Olympics has come and gone. I have always been a Summer Olympics fan. I love the motto: Higher, Stronger, Faster. Not all of us can live up to the motto but anyone who happens to dislike such a simple but meaningful motto has a problem!

I always feel grateful at work. We have a great team of fantastic people around even though none of us is perfect. However, the summation of the strength of our team is far bigger than our individual weaknesses.

Over the last two years, one of my colleagues, SuSu, has been very busy. She is a mother, a wife, a solid colleague at work and a fine spouse to her husband. SuSu, like a few of our other colleagues, was fully trained as a dentist at her home country. However, due to licensing issues, a few of our ‘dental trained’ colleagues chose to work with us as non-dentist clinical colleagues.

When they show up at work, even though they are not working as dentists, they are wired and perform just like any experienced and competent dental clinicians. Our other clinical nurses also constantly perform at a similar level. How can I not feel grateful with colleagues such as these?

All our dentist have received at least a masters degree. Many of us have qualifications that exhaust the number of alphabets available. We have a great team!! Without a doubt, the collective average IQ points per square foot at our clinic is way high :p

SuSu simply set the bar higher this year. Out of her own initiative, she took on the work load of a Masters of Health Science degree. I only realised that she was in such a demanding academic course when she asked me for reference books. Well, she shares a common interest with me now – head and neck cancer.

I was over the moon when I saw on her social media update that she had recently completed her Masters degree!

SuSu has successfully lived up to the Olympic spirit! Who can disagree with such extra-ordinary effort?!

I did my advanced degree when I was single, with no distractions. I was a full-time student under a ‘family scholarship’. I had it easy. SuSu outdid me by many yards!

I would be an idiot if I am not proud of her.

Yes, I am bragging on behalf of her! This is MY BLOG!

SuSu, thanks for your inspiration. Hats Off!

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