Weight Loss: One Simple Key (Part 5)


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A recently scientific study showed that dietary cholesterol from eggs is not that bad after all. This is in sharp contrast to what people (including doctors) have been believing. For years, the understanding was that dietary cholesterol played a big part in narrowing down blood vessels. The newer understanding is that it is not the main reason. Other factors in play includes mental stress, inflammation in the blood vessel lining, increase in insulin level, etc.

Mind you, there are many old and new studies to show contrary views. There are always arguments and counter-arguments.

The fact is that millions of eggs have been consumed with their egg yolk discarded deliberately in the name of reducing dietary cholesterol intake and healthy eating habits. Now people have come to realize that that throwing out the egg yolk may be an absolute waste of good food. A big part of a good egg is being disowned for reasons that may not be so rational.

Eggs have all the essential amino acid (protein building blocks) varieties that human beings need – God prepared fast food!! Regardless of how our dietary intake is, our body is capable of producing and in need of cholesterol, which is one of the essential components for keeping human cells alive, and maintaining our cell structural integrity and functions.

My endocrinologist physician friends have informed me that consuming more carbohydrates has not demonstrated additional positive impact in health either. On the contrary, over consumption of carbohydrates has shown negative impact.

Over a dinner many years ago in Toronto, I once heard a wife commenting on her own weight gain. She was obviously bigger than her previous healthy self. Her loving husband gently reassured her, “No worries honey – there is more of you for me to love now.” Yes, he was a loving husband but was he doing her a service or dis-service?

Simplicity is key to understanding many complex things. However, as my intelligent friend, Sanjeev, quoted Mr. Warren Buffett: “…simple may not be easy’.

The notion of losing weight in healthy people is actually extremely simple – Consume less food/calories than usage (and eat well). It is so simple that any reasonably intelligent 5 year old can figure that out.

Many societies gain weight as the economy develops. In the last many decades, as a result of cheap and easy to access food (especially ‘fast food’), consumption of these types of man-made food has increased. Now we question the nutritional quality of this type of food.

The next idea is slightly harder to grasp (just slightly…),being overweight is linked to many ailments. TOUGH concept, right? It is tough not because it is very complicated. It is tough because it is hard to face it! Remember our society has been gaining weight! People commonly accept weight gain and perceive it as a positive sign. My personal experience is that people are more critical if a similar weight is lost. Interesting, right?

One important key: Simple may not be easy. Keep thing simple may make things easier though. J

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