Weight Loss: Three Keys (Part 1)

Left – taken in Canada more than 20 years ago in my late 20s/early 30s. Right – taken on April 3, 2016 aged 50 after coming in 9th of 9023 runners in the 2XU Half Marathon

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People know I am into the teeth business. However, most people do not know that I am actually into the eating business. My job is to create a pleasant environment for people to start enjoying their food. Putting on weight is partly the side effect of my work. It is hard to disagree with that.

On the other hand, my long term passion, apart from my family and prosthodontics/dentistry, is running. For those who haven’t known me for too long, they may not realize that I used to run for my alma mater, St Louis School, and the University of Hong Kong. One of the reasons for me to hit the books was to stay in school so that I could run for St. Louis – just like the lyrics in our school song – ‘…bring Honor to Thy name’.

Around 2014, after my little gals at home were beginning to develop a dislike for competitive swimming, their mom concluded that running would be the next sport. When we brought the gals for running, I had a choice of either to stay on the sidelines and do nothing, or run after them. Obviously, I chose the latter.

Under the professional guidance of the FlexiFitness coaches, I started to run more.  The net result was that I lost weight. My wife has been tasked with getting new pants for me and sending my old clothes for alteration. I thank her immensely for this.

It was very touching when, families, friends, ex-classmates, students, ex-teachers, and colleagues showed concern when they saw my weight loss. One day I was waiting for the elevator at our hospital lobby, when my cancer doctor colleague, Dr. Lim Hong-Liang, walked over to me and asked if I was OK. His trained eyes told him that I was losing weight and he was worried about my health! I was so moved…  I know he is a good doctor but I told him I have no intention to use his great service… At least not yet.

Other common comments that I have received include:

  • You run everyday?

My answer: No, certainly not everyday

  • You run marathons?

My answer:  Not really, I have barely walked one and completed another one. For something I only have done twice in half a century of life, I don’t think I am qualified to be associated to it. Just like cooking instant noodles does not make me a chef.

  • You are not eating!?

My answer: I am enjoying good food as usual. I am actually eating healthier. Now I have come to realise that running 1000 meters only burns about 50-70calories. It is a lot of hard work to get rid of a Big Mac worth of calories!! If there is any choice, I choose my food carefully.

  • How much do you run?

My answer: A few kilometers at a time

  • You must be running very fast?

My answer: The truth is, I run very slowly 80%+ of the time.

  • You are trying to lose weight.

My answer is: No, I am not trying to lose weight. It is just a side effect of running

  • You are healthy?

My answer: I believe I am as I passed all the medical tests so far and my colleagues in the hospital have yet to discover any break down in my biological systems. Also, I sometimes outrun younger guys/gals, so I think I am rather healthy. I just need to sleep more nowadays to rest my tired feet.

People all try to pursue happiness and in a capitalistic world, it is usually measured by the quantity of money. Who would not want to have more money?  But money has little to do with happiness. Money also can’t change your health. It can’t change how many people love you.

My recent weight loss, summarize in three keys:

  • There are people who care for me
  • My health is mine
  • It has zero financial impact

May be there is a fourth one somewhere…  time to run off 🙂

3 thoughts on “Weight Loss: Three Keys (Part 1)

  1. Would you say running has been the most important factor for your ‘young look’? I assume you avoid fat and refined carbs. but do you have any other restrictions? like red meat etc

    • thanks for your comment.

      I don’t really care how I look in general 🙂 I spend on average, less than 5 seconds to comb my hair in the morning!

      Running does give me more energy but it is my wife who keeps me going on a regular basis. If there is any secret, it is to keep up with my wife !

      I do not really restrict myself from fat or carbohydrates, however I do remind myself about the importance of ‘moderation’ in eating those food.

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