Travel back (& forth) in time (Part 1)

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Drawn by my girls in 2016

My family was there for me at the 2016 Hong Kong marathon, my second marathon ever. Their support was priceless and I remember seeing them about 200 meters from the finish line while I was struggling. I was running with cramps and I swore I would never do it again… I have a few regrets in life, this time I regret in the name of a few seconds of personal best marathon time,  I did not stop by the road side there and then and thank them for their unwavering support in the freezing rain… The poor kids and my boss (aka wife) were there before sunrise, for hours holding the motivational banner they made the night before, waiting to see me run by. They were all soaked in the cold rainy morning (9°C)! My gals remember that and they said it was OK but I can’t really forgive myself for it… The moment was lost forever…

Time flies
Girls are all grown up now

During the lockdown time, I was asked by a few to conduct some prosthodontic teaching seminar over zoom. I was not hot about the idea at all, I dislike the lack of physical interaction. I would not be able to read and gauge how my audience react to my message sharing. With tons of reluctance and a moment of weakness, I agree to conduct such zoom sessions. To my surprise, that became the beginning of our every fortnight parties, aka marathon session of scientific literature review with the University of Hong Kong (HKU) postgraduate students. Marathon sessions because our parties typical last approximately 6 hours+ from 5pm on Wednesday with only one 3-5 minute ‘biological break’ in between. These parties had proven to be fun and how can I not involve my energetic young partner, Dr Tan Kian-Meng to share the joy?  Kian-Meng and I had exactly the same specialty training in Prosthodontics and subspecialty training in maxillofacial prosthodontics in the USA. He was trained in MD Anderson Hospital, Texas and I was trained in UCLA (we both believe our training was superior but that is another story…). Jokes aside, the tangible difference between Kian-Meng and me is that he was born 15 year later, handsomer and he is a walking encyclopedia of prosthodontics. In other words, he is the senior partner in the party 😉

We could not had been in better company! Together with the senior faculty members in HKU, we have been having many fruitful parties. After the party goers (aka post-graduate students/residents) have covered closed to one thousand scientific literatures (1000!!!) in two clinical areas, we are getting better (none of the post-graduate students quit on us, yet… because we locked the door 😉 ). Kian-Meng and I probably would just keep going until HKU decide to fire us. Latest news is that HKU decided to renew both of our professorships. Now, bring on the music (and the literature).

Online educational parties with postgraduate students from HKU
Postgraduate students from HKU and NUS

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