2021 finally another Hong Kong marathon (but how about 2019, 2020, 2022?)

2020 started off as per usual, I bet no one could guess what was emerging and waiting for mankind. The new coronavirus has been storming the world and took numerous lives. As of today, there has been over 200 million cases with approximately 2%+ mortality rate. No one really knows its natural history and more variants are showing up from time to time makes it more mysterious. It disrupts live as we used to know, we can only pray and react as rational as we can. This is another instance, those who is not thinking rationally are exposed to more risk without knowing, IMHO…

2020 I signed up for Seoul marathon in March, hoping for a good trip and a new running experience. I was even training in Hiroshima in February during a conference, my attempt to upkeep training and accustom to running in the cold weather. However, all the excitement was cut short when (1) February Hong Kong marathon was cancelled due to the coronavirus, (2) followed by cancellation of Seoul marathon in March after a major outbreak in Seoul. I was still hopeful to run Goldcoast marathon in July, little did we know, Singapore had it’s first version of covid19 lockdown in April, 2021 and then essentially all public events were cancelled in most part of the world. Those places that did not follow suit suffered immensely terrible consequences.

Training in Hiroshima with friends (9°C)
Managed to schedule a visit here during my time in Hiroshima
Our clinic’s dispatch on Covid-19

During the time my daughter, Alisa was sent back to Singapore in March, 2020 after a very brief time in her school in UK. Her A-level could not be more disrupted! Eventually she went back and forth UK and Singapore for various reasons and finally had to switch to another school in Singapore to finish her A-level under a different syllabus (same subjects). Well, she did very well in her A level in spite of all the seemingly insurmountable challenges. All these happened with a brief 18 months A-level stint. Certainly a major transformation for a young gal under her circumstances. My second daughter, Hana is having her time of a life in the same school doing her A-level now.

Allie’s A-level result day

Without a race schedule, life suddenly becomes different. Without travelling, I end up being the most hardworking version of myself; I have been in the office everyday! I used to do 10+ trips yearly (speaking, seeing families, teaching, attending conferences, conducting specialty examinations, etc..) and my daughters love it!

My second daughter, Hana said I used to get pissed with them when they did not bother to complete those academic (or non-academic) assignments I assigned to them before my trips. I sort of remember those incidents… Then she said, the good thing was; I would be packing up for another trip shortly before I got too unhappy with them and ultimately I would forget about nagging them about their tasks! 😉

2021 Hong Kong marathon happened in October, it is on a new date, an adjustment due to Covid19. This year I gave it a miss as travelling to Hong Kong would require 2weeks+ of hotel quarantine and some covid19 tests before one can be let loose. The problem is, even finding hotel booking for quarantine in Hong Kong is not easy! I would rather save my legs for something else. I bet years later we would look back and would find it mind boggling!!

While all these are happening, running and work did not stop for me. Another soul-searching time…

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