2018 – Humility and Reflection

IMG-20181209-WA00842018 can been summarised into humility and reflection.

Without knowing it, my girls are now taller than their mother and beginning to vertically-threaten me, which is not too tall an order. We shall see how things turn out in the next few years.

12 - sdg party2I started off 2018 with a diagnosed stress fracture on my left foot after a lacklustre 2017 December Singapore marathon. Even though I came in 4th in the Masters category, a combination of such psychological and physical issues made me aware of my flawed mind set and physical limitations in the running department.

A total rest of 10 weeks was the order but luckily my mind had to focus on the renovation of the residential home and the office. The paradox was, the family moved to a new place with 30% less space while the office had doubled the size, an unexpected necessity as we had two new specialist colleagues joining the team.

10 malagaFreshly out of injury, I also ran in the World Masters 5000m in September (Malaga, Spain) and two full marathons in July & December (Gold Coast, Australia and Singapore).

I was the top Asian Masters runner in the Malaga event, while I came in 2nd and 3rd in my age group in Singapore and Australia (finally, managed to run a sub-3 hour marathon).

kampomg runnersI learned a few things about myself through these experiences and there is certainly no doubt that it was a result of the support of Moon, the gals and my Kampong Runners (village of runners) friends.  Among many things, making a few new friends through running was one of the most gratifying experiences to the runner in me.

1 cambodia2A few international meetings in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam also kept Moon and myself busy travelling.

A few books gave me some insight in life in 2018: From Bad to Worse to Best in Class (Hao Lam), Shoe Dog (Phil Knight), the Robert Kuok memoir – all 3 are highly recommended for runners or sinners alike (don’t wanna spoil the plots).

_JKC8576 - smaller

Photo: JK Chew of The Runners Lens

In 2018, I also challenged myself to be fully certified as an IAAF athletic coach, which required a couple tens of hours of lecture (usually I give lectures and exams but this time I get the short end!), practical training and apprenticeship. I did not manage to complete the course due to an overseas commitment. I shall complete the course in 2019.

2 thoughts on “2018 – Humility and Reflection

  1. Keep up the good work Ansgar. I love to hear about your running and what you are doing and see that your clinic continues to grow. Have a great 2019.

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