Special Day Again

We have our annual ‘Specialist Dental Group’ gathering at the end of every year. November 29 is the date for this year’s dinner celebration. This is just one of the little traditions that we have at our company.

What is the soul of a community? What is the soul of a football team? What is the soul of a country?

Many professionals believe they are great because they are excellent. They have been told that they were smart as a kid and are outstanding as an adult. Their in-laws love them too. But can we name the key element(s) of this ‘greatness’? Do you want to think twice before you try to answer? Do you need to call someone and get some help in order to answer the question? How about an internet search on this topic before committing to answering?

In my humble opinion, it is the people who make that difference. It is the PEOPLE collectively, and not any individual per se.

Our staff forms the foundation whereby our patients get proper treatment, our office works well, and our dentists can utilise their talents/expertise. Our office only works well because we have an outstanding TEAM. It is the TEAM!!! It is the PEOPLE who form the team.

My dad was always nice to his staff/colleagues when he was running his businesses. He would spend his own time to talk with them, get to know them, joke with them or even at times, enjoy a game of Mahjong with them. I witnessed that process when I was a kid and I do remember these incidents!

I am totally grateful that we have an outstanding team at our office. Our work place would be nothing without our great team. Without their dedication, ‘Specialist Dental Group’ would only be fractionally as good.

My family thanks you: TEAM! You are all fabulous! I am grateful that I have the chance to work with such great colleagues.

4 thoughts on “Special Day Again

  1. You have done exactly like what you dad did. And if You are proud of that part of him, you should be proud of yourself too. You and Moon have been great as bosses!!! ;D

    • thanks, Linda. It was a pleasure working with you, and we are glad that our friendship has continued even as you have moved on to explore other career paths. Stay in touch and all the best to you professionally and personally. Appreciate your blog comment 🙂

  2. Totally agree with Linda :). You and Moon have been great as bosses. Both of you are excellent mentors. I truly enjoyed the time when you explained in great details about your dental cases or other topics after work. It was a pleasure working with you 🙂

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