Terrorist Blasts

beiruts-car-bomb-attack-by-wahabi-terrorist-group-brigades-of-aishaFor the last many units of time, I have been waking up to lousy ‘news’. Alright, people in general quip that news is always bad and that is why the story made it to the headlines in the first place! Some stories are great, such as so-and-so breaking a meaningful record in a track and field event.

The lousy news that has greeted me numerous times are those about extremist bombings and/or gun attacks. Numerous lives have been lost in these events.

It is hard to argue that there must be a God out there. Since the time of Star Trek (my idol was the highly rational half Martian Mr. Spock), many phenomena can be supported by ‘logic’. This idea of ‘God’ defies logic. However, it also defies logic to rule out that there is this entity called GOD. I am not talking about god(s), I am talking about THE God.

Well, who is HE? Different people at different times in the history of mankind have different interpretations. Let us not forget that mankind is not limited to homo sapiens on planet earth as this vast universe has more than millions of galaxies and solar systems. We simply cannot confirm that we are the only and lonely ones in existence… (but that is another topic or write up…) In addition, the history of mankind on this little planet earth (that we know of) is minute with respect to the scale of time of this universe that we marginally understand, IMHO.

Some people follow the practice of being vegan. Science has shown that meat consumption is generally less healthy. It is also more environmentally destructive to farm animals for food. Without any big theory, we know that if we keep destroying our little star – we are dead in either this generation or the next…

No matter which system of belief that one choses and what the practices are, ultimately there is a nice effect – the population would be organized. This implies that when a given population lives in compliance to a certain set of rules or beliefs that are not disruptive. The end result is peace and harmony.

On the other hand, some belief systems command adherents not to consume animal blood. Nowadays we know that animal blood may carry many diseases, from parasitic infections to lung diseases and more. So the abstention of blood products consumption is a simple method of ensuring public health maintenance.

The examples above showed our belief systems bring a nice net result: the preservation of our species. Continuity of species is part of the basic biology of any living forms, regardless of which universe we are talking about!!

Sadly those unpleasant attacks that have been making the news have achieved none of the above… those lousy attacks are definitely only the acts of lousy homo sapiens.

One thought on “Terrorist Blasts

  1. Science sits on the fence with regards to the existence of God, because God ultimately wants to test the faith of his believers. Does this make sense? The world’s a stage play, and we are play actors and actresses in this, we live and play out the future that was already created and known by God at the beginning of time. This stage play will continue playing on until God’s goals and purposes for mankind has been achieved, in which case you have heard of the 2nd coming of Christ, the return of Jesus. Whether or not physical time will still retain the same concept, we have no idea, but there will be a new earth according to revelations in the bible, and this might just mean a new sort of time concept, since nobody will be in the physical flesh as we know it anymore, and believers will have a new and perfect body(not made of flesh), in the new earth(also called heaven), and non-believers will be cast straight into eternal hell to die a physical death, but also that while their spirits cannot ‘die’, they will then suffer eternal torment having their spirits burned to INFINITY! It is very hard to completely understand how this works to the finest accuracy, because God doesn’t reveal explicitly with great detail, but the general picture is painted in Revelation, and we can trust by faith only, that it is 100% impregnable.

    2 cents! 🙂

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