80 and Counting

ansgar cheng momIs 64 years of age ‘old’? I ask this not because The Beatles wrote a song, “When I’m 64”…

Many people do not know that part of the Astroboy manga comics series was born in 1950 (or 1951) and that series was set in the year 2015. Yes, that is NOW!!

Human beings have tried to reinvent many things but we still have failed to re-invent the wheel.

So what do we want for 2015? Health? Wealth?

Health is totally owned by oneself but dis-health is a challenge extending to many people around the person too. So stay healthy as we want ourselves and people around us to be happy. When we are not well, we worry people around us and then we feel even worse.

Wealth? The world is certainly not enough. No amount of wealth can determine how healthy one is and wealth can’t improve how many people really love us anyway.

My mom is going to celebrate her 80th birthday on the last day of 2014. She is a tough cookie who survived many things in life and I am proud to be one of her 4 kids. She is certainly still demonstrating how to live a life in spite of all the favorable and unfavorable circumstances. There is no doubt that my siblings and I inherited some good DNA from her. Those who know us know that we are not flawless but the defective sides that we have are not due to my father, but rather, to our own phenotypical errors in genotypic expression.

My mom focused a lot on our education. She knew it in her heart that education is a ticket to life for generations to come. She was damn right! She always is. Between my dad and my mom, historically, it has been clear that my dad was born smart but my mom has usually been right. (OK, the 2 qualities are not mutually exclusive though)

Happy birthday mom, 80 years is long time to travel.

We are working on our own paths day after day.

May we all have a fantastic year ahead.

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