Home Run

running dr ansgar chengI am getting some home run(s).

  • I am visiting my parents in Hong Kong this weekend. So I call it a home run weekend.
  • I will be running with my high school classmate KC, a seasoned marathon runner, early on Sunday morning before sunrise, followed by another run with my high school cross-country team boys from St Louis after sunrise. So I call it a home run + a home run.

It is usually a pleasant experience in a home run and that is why that feeling is called a home run.

In baseball, a home run is not easy to come by even for the best baseball players and best team. That is why home runs are special and they are wildly celebrated.

September 2014 is special in a sense that Hong Kong is partially stalled by protestors. The stock market plunged in Hong Kong and even in the USA as a result. A few business areas are being jammed up 24 hours a day by local protestors as some people are not happy with the current government and other issues. The challenge is that it is unlikely anyone is going to have a home run in this. No one would. Why? The issues in Hong Kong are quite complicated and many of them are historical by nature.

It is almost like clinical problems. Many times patients have showed up at our doorstep with a pre-existing complicated problem. It is not uncommon that those clinical issues are multifactorial and has been long standing. Regardless of the healing touch of the clinician, it is unrealistic to expect the clinical issues would be cleared up overnight even though the patient may be capable of and willing to pay the treatment fee.

It is also not uncommon for people to ask: “Doctor, would the problem be 100% cured for the rest of my life?”, i.e. would they be ‘living happily ever after’ like in fairy tales.

  • First of all, as far as I know, no clinician has a working crystal ball and none has any idea about how long people would live. It is unrealistic to speculate on that ‘life long’ idea.
  • Secondly, I have a day job simply because something God made for human beings was not working properly. I am not bold enough to say that my solution for a clinical problem would outdo God’s original master pieces.

Home runs are hard to come by. Good luck to the people.

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